Hymn Tune Harmonizations

[25 More Harmonizations] “This book, Volume Nine in Selah’s ongoing series of hymn intonations, preludes, and harmonizations, is a good collection of settings of commonly sung tunes including Ash Grove, Beach Spring, Hyfrydol, Land of Rest, nun danket alle Gott, Passion Chorale, Picardy, Rockingham, Stuttgart, and others. Though some could be used as introductions, they are primarily harmonizations (i.e., going once through each tune), and are intended to accompany singing. This is fine and competent writing which will enliven hymn-singing.” —AAM Journal, December 2001

“Many familiar hymn tunes are included in Alfred V. Fedak’s 25 More Harmonizations (Selah, 160-729), intended as embellishments for hymn accompanying or, in some cases, as hymn introductions. Each setting begins with the melody clearly identified, and in many of them the melody remains prominent throughout. A few, such as AR HYD Y NOS and THE ASH GROVE, depart midway to complementary material. Of particular note is the skill he used in creating a lovely harmonization of PASSION CHORALE. These are all very accessible, and would be extremely useful to those exploring reharmonizations.” –The Hymn, January 1999

[25 More Harmonizastions] “This addition to the always welcome harmonizations by Mr. Fedak contains familiar tunes including Ar Hyd y Nos, Beach Spring, Grosser Gott, Hyfrydol, Land of Rest, Nun Danket, Old 100th, Picardy, Resignation, and Wondrous Love, among others.” –Pastoral Music, October-November 1999

[25 More Harmonizastions] “Fedak has issued Volume Nine of Hymn Harmonizations. The tunes chosen are commonly used and wisely set in fresh but uncomplicated harmonic settings. They will enhance singing without confusing the congregation.” –Sacred Music News & Review, October 1998

[25 Harmonizations] “The twenty-four (sic) hymn tunes set in this collection will be largely well-known and frequently used by most congregations. Fedak sets each tune once in a style that is often rich with added sixths and ninths. These are well-done and will be useful to many who find free harmonizations at the organ a colorful addition to congregational hymn singing.” –The Hymn, Jan. 93

[25 Harmonizations] “These 2-stave harmonizations of 25 commonly used hymn-tunes tread a very comfortable middle ground of significant but not shocking harmonic change while keeping a clean texture that avoids fistfuls of notes.”-The Diapason, June, 1993

[25 Harmonizations] “Tastefully written and sure to enhance hymn singing.”-Cross Accent, 1/94

[25 Harmonizations] “Twenty-five much used hymns are given reharmonization. The fresh harmonies found here will add spice to your hymn playing.”-The American Organist, 5/94

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