Published Works



Pie Jesu from REQUIEM: FOR US THE LIVING (Selah)

Prelude on a Gaelic Hymn (Selah)

Triptych on FREDERICKTOWN (Selah)

Partita on BUILT ON THE ROCK (MorningStar Music Publishers)

Tongues of Fire (Lorenz)

A Wreath of Carols (Lorenz)

Fanfare, Reflection, and Dance (MorningStar Music Publishers)

Incantations (H.W. Gray/Warner Bros. Music/Alfred Publishing Co.)

A Collection of Hymns (Warner Bros. Music/Alfred Publishing Co.)

Prelude on TUOLUMNE (Concordia Hymn Prelude Series)

Prelude on LEWIS-TOWN (Concordia Hymn Prelude Series)

Fantasia on ST. ANNE (Selah)*

An Advent/Christmas Suite (Selah)

A Lenten/Easter Suite (Selah)

Festival Prelude on HYFRYDOL (Selah)*

Alternate Harmonizations for 24 Hymntunes (Selah)

25 more Harmonizations (Selah)

Marian Hymn Harmonizations (Selah)

Sonata for Worship (Selah)*

Sonata II for Worship (Selah)*

In paradisum (Selah)*

Improvisation on VENI CREATOR (Selah)*

Prelude on DIVINUM MYSTERIUM (Selah)*

Meditation on ADORO TE DEVOTE (Selah)*

Variations on PANGE LINGUA (Selah)*

Variations on a Ground (Selah)

Partita on BEACH SPRING (Selah)*

Variations on HOW FIRM A FOUNDATION (Selah)

Lyric Suite (Selah)

A Psalm of Praise (Zimbel)

Blessed Be the Sacrament (Zimbel)

A Wesley Organbook (MorningStar)

A Rejoicing (MorningStar)

Christmas at the Organ, Vols. I-IV (Wayne Leupold Editions)

Easter and Pentecost at the Organ, Vols. I-IV (Wayne Leupold Editions)

Pedal-Fantasy on a Theme of Corelli (Wayne Leupold Editions)

Postlude on GLENVIEW (With Pipes of Tin and Wood Make Known) (Selah)

Variations on an Original Tune: CALLAHAN (Selah)

Trumpet Tune (Selah)

A Carol Nativity: Six Carol Settings (Wayne Leupold Editions)

Triptych on SINE NOMINE (MorningStar)

A Thanksgiving Triptych: ST. GEORGE’S WINDSOR, KREMSER, NUN DANKET (Wayne Leupold Editions)

Prelude on ATKINSON (Concordia)

Prelude on FARLEY CASTLE (Concordia)

Prelude on LLANFAIR (Concordia)

Music for a Ceremony (Selah)

Improvisation on NICAEA (Selah)

Scherzo Ostinato on a Theme by Thomas Ravenscroft (Selah)

All Nature Sings: 8 Hymn Preludes (Lorenz)

Partitas of Praise (Lorenz)

Eight Meditative Preludes (Concordia)

In memoriam (Selah)

Triptych for Organ (Selah)

*On CD Come, Creator Spirit: Fedak Plays Fedak at Westminster Church, Albany

Plus numerous short pieces in THE ORGANIST’S COMPANION, THE KEYBOARDIST’S YEAR, THE ADVENTURES OF MELODIA AND MAJOR OCTAVE, and various organ method books published by Wayne Leupold Editions.


Organ and Instruments:

Invocation and Dance for Organ, Strings, and Percussion (Selah)

Hymn Accompaniments for Organ and Brass (Selah):

Triptych for Trumpet and Organ (Selah)

Epiphanies for Oboe and Organ (Selah)

Mohawk River Suite (for multiple keyboards, voice[s] & flute) (Selah)

Sharp Stones for Cello and Organ (Zimbel)

Toccara Giocosa for Flute and Organ (Selah)





Choral (SATB & Organ, unless otherwise noted):  

Come, Join the Dance of Trinity (Selah)

The Lord Is My Strength (Selah)

A New Day (Selah)

Rooted in Christ (Selah)

I Will Give Thanks (Selah) w/children’s choir & handbells

Lord, Who May Enter? (Selah)

Except the Lord Build the House (Selah) w/brass & congregation

This Is My Servant (Selah)

Christ’s Blessing (Augsburg Fortress)

As Those of Old Have Sung (Selah) w/optional handbells, solo instrument

The Portland Canticles (Selah)

The Bristol Canticles (Paraclete)

The Bristol Preces and Responses (Paraclete)

The Musician’s Hymn (MorningStar) w/optional handbells

King of Glory, King of Peace (MorningStar)

Let the Glorious Praise Resound (Lorenz) SATB, organ, opt. 2 trpts, cong.

Called As Partners (Selah)

I Am the Vine (Selah) SATB & baritone solo

Spirit, Open My Heart (MorningStar)

Rejoice in the Lord (MorningStar) w/optional handbells or treble instrument

How Can I Keep from Singing (MorningStar) with optional treble instrument

Let the People Praise You (Lorenz) w/congregation (opt.)

Ave Maria (Lorenz) SATB, mezzo-soprano solo, and optional strings

Sometimes a Light Surprises (MorningStar Music Publishers)                                                

Now Greet the Swiftly-Changing Year (Concordia)

How Blest Is He Who Comes (Concordia)

The Bells of Christmas (Concordia) w/handbells                                        

God, Who Touches Earth with Beauty (Sacred Music Press) unison/2-pt. Treble  

Jesus, Keep Me Near the Cross (Sacred Music Press) a cappella                  

Great Our Joy as Now We Gather (Sacred Music Press) w/handbells

Fight the Good Fight (Sacred Music Press/Selah)

Worship the Lord In the Beauty of Holiness (Sacred Music Press)

A Refuge in Thee (Sacred Music Press)

One in Christ (Augsburg Fortress)

Mass of the Risen Christ (GIA) w/brass & congregation

Psalm 8 (GIA) cantor/choir/congregation

Too Much Light for Midnight (GIA) w/oboe

Blessed Mary/Ave Maria (Oregon Catholic Press) opt. cong.

Hail and Hosanna (Choristers Guild) 3-pt. treble canon

Beyond Christmas (MorningStar)

Begin the Song of Glory Now (MorningStar) opt. brass

A Tree There Grew (MorningStar)

Christians, Rejoice (MorningStar)

The Giver and the Gift (MorningStar)

This Is the Day (MorningStar)

God, Who Built This Wondrous Planet (MorningStar) w/handbells, opt. cong.

Go and Bear Fruit (MorningStar)

When God’s Time Had Ripened (Selah) available in SATB & SAB

Triune God, Mysterious Being (Selah) opt. cong.

How Firm a Foundation (Selah) opt. cong.

L’Envoy: King of Glory, King of Peace (Selah)

Built on the Rock (CRC Publications/Selah) opt. handbells, cong.

O Love, How Deep, How Broad, How High (Selah) opt. brass, timpani, congregation

His Voice As the Sound of the Dulcimer Sweet (Selah) w/hammered dulcimer

I Will Extol Thee (Selah)

God Be With Us (Selah) 2-pt. Mixed, opt. children’s choir, handbells

A Song of Paul (Selah)

A Prayer to the Child Jesus (Selah) 2-pt. mixed, opt. flute, handbells

The Falconer (Selah)

In Thee Be All Our Glory (Selah)

This Is the Hour of Banquet and of Song (Selah)

Thy Matchless Love (Selah)

Shepherd of Souls (Selah) SAB

Hosanna (Selah) 1 or 2 choirs, opt. brass, opt. cong.

Christus Paradox (GIA)

Love Divine, All Loves Excelling (Selah) unison/2-pt. opt. cello

Where Is the King? (Selah) a cappella

There Is a Season (Selah) a cappella

Psalm 42: As Pants the Deer (Selah)

Into Jerusalem Jesus Rode (Selah) mixed voices, unison, harp & organ

Unless the Lord Build the House (St. James Music Press)

Missa Nova (St. James Music Press)

With Pipes of Tin and Wood Make Known (Selah)

They Did Not Build in Vain (Selah)

The Christ Who Died (St. James Music Press)

Come, Gracious Spirit (St. James Music Press/Selah)

Wordless Song Within the Waters (Selah) unison/2-pt. treble

The Shepherds Were Not Waiting (Augsburg Fortress)

The Austin Canticles: Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis (Selah)

A Different Season (Concordia)

God First Made A Fruitful Garden (Augsburg Fortress)

Lively Wind That Woke Creation/God Has Spoken Through the Prophets (Selah)

What a Friend We Have in Jesus (GIA)

Let In the Light (Selah) 2-pt. mixed

God of Still Waiting (Selah)

God of the Future (Selah)

As the Lyre to the Singer (St. James Music Press/Selah)

The Song Is Faith (Selah)

Faith Is the Yes of the Heart (Selah) w/violin

Peter’s Denial (Selah)

What Boundless Love (Selah)

Behold, Now Bless the Lord (Selah)

Ever-Flowing Streams of Praise (Selah) w/violin

Antiphon: Let All the World in Every Corner Sing (Selah)

Communion Service in D (St. James Music Press) w/optional congregation

God Still Sings (Selah)

Lord, Enthroned in Heavenly Splendor (MorningStar)

Hosanna, Loud Hosanna (St. James Music Press) U or SATB w/opt. handbells

A Parting Blessing (Selah)

You Hold All Souls in Life (Selah)

From All That Dwell Below the Skies (Selah) w/brass quartet

Last Verse: A Cycle of Eight New England Epitaphs for SATB, soloists, and piano (Zimbel)

The Gift of Music: A Triptych for SATB and Piano (St. James Music Press)

The Acceptable Year (Selah)

The Lord Is My Shepherd (from For Us the Living) (Selah)

Valediction (from For Us the Living) (Selah)

New Life, New Love, New Light (Selah)

Easter Carol (St. James Music Press)

Clap Your Hands (MorningStar)

Spring Bursts Today (MorningStar)

Make Me an Instrument of Your Peace (Selah)

Have We Any Gift Worth Giving (Selah)

You Are the Vine (Selah)

Come, Jesus, Come (w/opt. flute) (Selah)

The Lord Bless You and Keep You (Selah)


Chorus and Orchestra:

For Us the Living: A Requiem (Selah)


Vocal Solos:

Pie Jesu from REQUIEM: FOR US THE LIVING (Selah)

Set Me as a Seal (MorningStar)

The Ninety and Nine (MorningStar)

How Can I Keep from Singing? (MorningStar)

You Are the Chosen of the Lord (AMSI/Lorenz)

When Love is Found (MorningStar)

This Touch of Love (MorningStar)

This Love, O Christ, Is So Much Like Your Own (Selah)

The Ballad of the Sower (Selah)

The Beatitudes (Selah)



Festal Acclamation and Processional (Sacred Music Press) 3-5 octaves



Towers: In memoriam 9/11 (Published by Friends of the Albany City Carillon)



The Alfred V. Fedak Hymnary (Selah, 1990)

Sing to the Lord No Threadbare Song (Selah, 2001)

God of the Future (Selah, 2009)

Stones Unthrown (Selah, 2014)


Hymntunes also appear in the following hymnals and collections:

REJOICE IN THE LORD (Reformed Church in America)

HYMNAL 1982 (Episcopal)



HYMNAL SUPPLEMENT 1991 (Missouri Synod Lutheran)                    

HYMNAL SUPPLEMENT ’98 (Missouri Synod Lutheran)

GATHER (Comprehensive) (GIA Publications)










WORSHIP AND REJOICE (Hope Publishing Co.)

SUPPLEMENT ’99 (Hope Publishing Co.)

HYMNAL: A WORSHIP BOOK (Mennonite/Brethren)

SONGS OF THE PEOPLE OF GOD (Praise Publications)

SING! A NEW CREATION (Reformed Church in America/Christian Reformed Church)

THE BOOK OF PRAISE (Presbyterian Church of Canada)

COMMON PRAISE  (Anglican Church of Canada)

VOICES UNITED (United Church of Canada)


THE CHURCH HYMNARY 4 (Church of Scotland)

LUTHERAN SERVICE BOOK (Missouri Synod Lutheran)

CHRISTIAN WORSHIP SUPPLEMENT (Wisconsin Synod Evangelical Lutheran)

HYMNS OF UNIVERSAL PRAISE (Chinese Christian Literature Council, Hong Kong)

MANY VOICES (United Church of Canada)

MORE VOICES (United Church of Canada)

VOICES FOUND (Church Publishing Co.)

HYMNS OF GLORY, SONGS OF PRAISE (UK)                                             

CHINESE CHRISTIAN COUNCIL HYMNAL (China)                                           

LIFT UP YOUR HEARTS (Reformed Church in America/Christian Reformed Church)                                                                                                              

PSALMS FOR ALL SEASONS (RCA/CRC)                                                        

GLORY TO GOD (Presbyterian Church USA)                                     

COMMUNITY OF CHRIST SINGS (Community of Christ)                                

SING OF THE WORLD MADE NEW (Hope Publishing Company)            

VOICES TOGETHER (Mennonite Church)                          

 ALL CREATION SINGS (Evangelical Lutheran Church)           

SING A NEW CREATION (Anglican Church of Canada)

In addition, hymntunes appear in numerous single-author anthologies of hymns by poets Carl Daw, Richard Leach, Rae Whitney, Herman Stuempfle, Patricia Clark, Edith Downing, Herbert O’Driscoll, Rusty Edwards, etc.

Other major works, as yet unpublished, include:
Remembrance and Praise (for choir, soloists, and organ or chamber orchestra)

The Web of Life: Litanies for the Earth (for choir, soloists, organ, and orchestra)
Praises (for choir, soloists, organ, and orchestra)
The Glories of God’s Grace (for choir, soloists, harp, organ, and brass quintet)

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