2 Responses to Images

  1. I have listen to your work In Paradisum for organ. Beautiful.
    How can i find the score?

    Jacques Boucher
    Titulaire du grand orgue de Saint-Jean-Baptiste de Montréal (Québec)
    Directeur artistique des disques XXI-21

  2. Alfred Fedak says:

    Dear M. Boucher,

    Thanks for the compliment! In paradisum is published by Selah Publishing Company in Pittsburgh; the simplest and quickest way to obtain it is by visiting Selah’s website:

    If you do purchase the score, please note that a change of registration has been accidentally omitted at the point where the chant melody begins in the right hand: the melody there should be played gently on a cornet or similar solo combination.

    Al Fedak